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Dr. Jamila Williams (fondly called Dr. J) is a mother of 3 and the grandmother of 5. She had a 30-year educational career as teacher, assistant Principal, and Principal. She retired, in 2009 as School Principal for Portland Public Schools, in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Jamila earned her Bachelors of Science from the University of Iowa; Masters in Curriculum Development and Classroom Instruction from Michigan State University; and her Doctorate in Educational Leadership Specializing in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. 

Dr. Jamila is a published author of the African American Lesson Plans. Portland Public Schools African American Lesson Plans were developed by successful teachers who strived to incorporate the history of African Americans into the core curriculum. She was the author/developer of several individual lesson plans that were used by teachers throughout the country.

Additionally, Dr. Williams published her Dissertation: A Quantitative, Descriptive Study of Potential Parental Factors That May Hinder Student Attendance in 2010. The purpose of the quantitative, descriptive study was to examine potential parental factors that might hinder student attendance by evaluating parental knowledge levels based on seven demographic characteristics.

When Dr. Williams retired she wanted to enjoy life, travel and help others do the same. Now she does just that with her Global Travel Club. “I love to travel, save money & help others do the same, which is why SURGE365 is a perfect fit for me”. Talk about living your dream!

1Through Dr. J’s Global Travel Club, Dr. Jamila draws upon her 30 years of helping others empower themselves, build their self-esteem and self–worth, while showing them how to enjoy life. As a Business Coach, Dr. Williams uses her Global Travel Club to share three focus areas: Showing, teaching and training others to become successful entrepreneurs, how to build their own economy through network marketing, and how to create & build a career in the travel industry.

Dr. Jamila now offers everyone the ability to save on their travel by creating a FREE account on her Vortex Travel Site. The Vortex patented booking engine is a game-changing technology for finding the lowest Internet travel rate. We beat the other guys 85-90% of the time!

Dr. Williams’ current goal is to shift people’s mindset on money & making money by helping people realize the opportunity the travel industry offers to develop entirely new skill sets, including self-improvement and development. Looking toward the future, Dr. Williams intends to lead a plethora of people, moving them towards their own success story.


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Dr. Jamila Williams, Ed D
Home-Based Business Success Coach
Dr. J’s Global Travel Club
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